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Most of the specialists are sure that finding a job of their dreams, when having many years of experience is very simple. However, it is a big mistake and often getting a job for professionals is more difficult than for graduates. Does it sound puzzling?

Those, who have many years of experience, are usually skilled in limited and specific topics, at the same time having high demands to salary and work conditions. It becomes very difficult to find a job, which would require the same set of skills and responsibilities, as you had at your previous workplace.

In addition, a hiring manager will have more demands and consider every candidate very thoroughly, deciding whether you will be useful for the company. Tight competition and high requirements make it crucial to create an outstanding professional resume, which will show your strongest sides.

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How to Start a Professional-Level Resume

Unlike other resumes, a professional one should focus on your experience and abilities, which you have gained throughout your career. It should prove that you are ready to cope with huge workloads, stress and a variety of new responsibilities.

While an entry-level resume aims to show that you have a potential, a professional resume concentrates on your strengths and capabilities, on abilities to overcome stress and bring the company to new levels. With the help of your resume, you should convince the hiring manager that you are the best candidate and will greatly contribute to the company.

A common structure of a professional-level resume is following:

  • Name and contact details;
  • Statement;
  • Work experience;
  • Skills section.

The length of your resume greatly depends on your qualification and requirements of the company. If you have been working at the same company for years and don’t have to enumerate many workplaces, your resume may be a page long. Despite the volume of information you want to convey, always avoid wordiness, heavy constructions and watery texts.

If you have doubts how to complete a professional resume perfectly, you can always download resume samples online and tailor them according to your demands. It is a great way to save time and nerves, making sure you have included every necessary section to your resume.

Professional-Level Resume Statement

Every professional resume should start with a personal statement. It is your way to grab attention of the hiring manager and make him want to continue reading.

Such statement should contain several sentences, describing your specialty, responsibilities and key achievements in the field. It is a way to ‘boast’ and present yourself, as a real professional.

You can include any important detail to your statement, which may interest your potential employer. However, you need to edit this section and the whole resume over and over again to make sure it contains no mistakes. Be brief, professional and original, and you will surely be noticed!

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