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Some employees neglect completing a cover letter, although it may play a bad joke with them and even cost the position. That is why you need to pay attention to writing a cover letter and sending it any time you are looking for a job.

A cover letter is your chance to show the hiring manager why you are suitable for the position. It also helps to show your motivation and the reasons why you are better than the rest candidates are. Even if the employer does not directly require the cover letter, devote your time to completing it and you will surely get maximum attention.

Actually, the only case when you shouldn’t send a cover letter is when the job description clearly states that such a letter is not welcome. Want to learn how to make it perfect? Then continue reading!

Start With a Cover Letter

Every cover letter should be personalized and correspond with employer’s requirements. However, it has a common structure and knowing it will help you to write an up-to-date, clear and understandable cover letter. It consists of such elements, as:

  • Your details, like name and surname, address, contact information;
  • Date;
  • Title, name and address of the organization;
  • First sentence, indicating the position you are willing to occupy;
  • Your current experience and responsibilities;
  • Former experience and all the skills you find relevant;
  • Signature.

If you are sending your cover letter through an email, indicate your name and position in the topic of the letter.

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Indicate Your Qualification and Experience

Here are some tips, which will be of a great use:

  1. Body paragraphs of your cover letter should highlight your experience and qualification, so it is the main part, which requires your attention. Here you need to explain what your duties at the current position are (if they interlink with the one you are willing to take) and what makes you a perfect candidate.
    Always stick to the point and avoid watery paragraphs, describing only those skills, which are relevant for the position. Read job description again and determine the qualities and skills, which may help you to become a perfect candidate. Make sure you use a clear and professional language.
  2. Make every letter customized. Many employees decide to save time and send out the same cover letter to multiple companies. However, it is a huge mistake and experienced hiring managers detect such letters at once. It will end up in a bin immediately and you will waste your chance simply because you didn’t want to devote an hour of your time to make a personalized letter
    Show why you are a perfect candidate for the particular job, spicing your letter with terminology or even some details from the company’s history.
  3. Use your cover letter to explain certain sections of your CV or give your thoughts on certain matters if you think that they will be interesting for the hiring manager. Cover letter is a great tool to go beyond a simple and brief CV.
  4. Proofread your cover letter over and over again before sending it. Make sure it contains no spelling or grammar errors. If you lack proofreading skills, you may ask your friends or relatives to reread your letter. A great advice is to print out your letter and use a pen to make corrections, reading it aloud afterwards.
  5. Pay attention to samples online. There is no better way to understand how a cover letter should look like than to download an example. In such a way, you will learn more about its structure, key elements and a common language. However, you need to tailor any sample to your personal needs and requirements.

Now you know that there is nothing simpler than writing a cover letter. Just remember to follow all the recommendations stated above: customize your letter, follow a common structure, proofread it and learn from online samples.

Writing a cover letter will greatly contribute to your success and eventually will help you to get the job of your dreams!

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