Revision Policy is a leading resume writing service provider. We establish a customer-oriented approach delivering professional academic help and superior quality papers of different grades on time. Customers may benefit from a set of additional guarantees. The revision process consists of several essential factors you need to consider:

  • Stick to the Instructions. Whenever you opt for revision, you need to ensure that you use the initial requirements and instructions. They should never differ from the original ones. In case you change them, you will be charged extra fees
  • Send a Request for Revision. Every time you want your paper revised, you need to send a request via email or contact our support team for further instructions. Customers additionally have all necessary tools to compose a request directly from their ordering page by pressing a “request revision” button
  • Revision Period. As it was mentioned in the Policy section, customers may benefit from an unlimited number of free revisions unless they are satisfied with the result. Note that you need to make a request no longer than 10 days after the order. Otherwise, you will need to proceed with additional payment for the service
  • Different Instructions. If you make any changes in the initial instructions, you will be additionally charged fees. Our experts will recalculate the price that is about 70% from the initial cost of your order
  • Choosing a Writer. Yu have a chance to change a writer if you are not satisfied with his or her work. However, the writers’ option is available only after three revisions. Moreover, we expect clear and easy for understanding reasons on why you want to change the writer. If you fail to explain the change, we will not be ready to help
  • ASAP Delivery. Our company provides all necessary features to satisfy its clients. You may opt for a “progressive delivery” tool in case your paper exceeds 30 pages. In this case, you may opt for free revisions within 20 days after the order
  • Refund Guarantees. You may send a request for a refund only after at least two revisions with the exception or urgent orders with the deadline 3, 8 or 24 hours. In this case, only one revision is necessary. Make sure you provide clear arguments why you require a money back. The funds will be sent to your valid banking account within 7-10 days
  • Revision Time. It usually takes 3 hours to revise your paper. The deadline may be extended under specific circumstances. We kindly ask customers to provide as wide time frames as possible to complete all necessary corrections and revisions. The minimum revision time frame is 2 hours.

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