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If you are willing to occupy a high position and become an executive in any field, writing an excellent resume is a must. It requires lots of time and consideration, so knowing the main tips will surely help you to stand out from other candidates.

It is important not only to explain why you fit a particular job but also to show that you know the field and understand the needs of the company. The hiring manager should see that you are craving to join their team and know how to increase company’s profits.

One of the simplest and the most effective ways of completing a great executive resume is to download samples of resumes. With their help, you will get familiar with the structure and will be able to understand what to include to your resume.

Pay attention to the writing style and lexis, which were used to show professionalism of the candidate and apply them to your own resume. Tailor samples to your own needs and always focus on the target reader.

For an executive specialist a resume becomes a sort of a business card, which helps to highlight such skills, as developing new strategies, helping to occupy new market positions, increasing departments, management of the whole enterprise and so on. Make sure your executive resume helps to show your strengths and to hide your drawbacks.

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How to Write an Executive Resume

If you want your executive-level resume to be catchy, interesting and readable, you should always stick to the accepted structure, adding personality and spicing it with details. Your resume should consist of such sections, as:

  • Personal data;
  • Summary;
  • Professional experience;
  • Achievements;
  • Skills.

Statistic shows that a hiring manager spends maximum 10 seconds to evaluate whether a resume is worth his or her attention or not. This means that you need to start with a catchy summary and explain what makes you a perfect candidate. In this section try to name your core assets, professional achievements and aspirations.

The next section, professional experience, is the most important part of the whole resume, so you need to give your full attention to it. Use a reverse chronological order, when naming your previous experience. After providing the job title and the company’s name, make a list of key responsibilities. Try to be precise and use numbers to illustrate your achievements. For example, name the profits you helped to gain or contracts you close per year.

After you finish the work experience section, try to make a list of achievements, both professional and personal. This may include awards, certificates, accreditations and so on.

Close your resume with describing your skills. It is very important to mark only those skills, which are related to the job, so always customize your resume according to the job description.

Once you are done, put your resume aside and relax. You have done a great job and deserve a proper rest. In a day or two get back to it and try to eliminate all the typos and mistakes. Being a professional means that your language skills are outstanding and you can convey your thoughts in a clear and understandable manner.

If you have doubts whether you can proofread and edit your resume, you can always ask your friends or relatives for help. Reading it aloud will also help to realize what parts to correct.

Executive-Level Resume Tips

When completing an executive resume, you won’t do without useful tips and advices. They include:

  • Your resume should be two pages long. However, if you simply can’t limit your experience to such size, three pages are acceptable;
  • Make sure your summary is remarkable. Persuade the hiring manager to go on reading;
  • Start with your achievements. It is the most important part of an executive’s resume, so begin with your accomplishments and then proceed with the rest of the sections;
  • Structure your skills. Many candidates don’t know what skills to include to their resume and simply enumerate their personal qualities. Try to make a list of job-related skills, following a clear format.

If you still don’t know whether your resume is perfect, consult examples online and compare them with your own. Check whether your resume contains all the necessary sections, uses same fonts and has a proper size.

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