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Every day we need to complete hundreds of tasks and improving our LinkedIn account is probably not a part of the list. Most of the specialists think that it is not worth attention and neglect their summary, although more and more employers check out your profile before responding to your resume.

LinkedIn summary is a great way to tell your story, as you can be yourself or, on contrary, omit certain sections, which are compulsory for a regular CV. You can use your writing talent and draw a picture of how irreplaceable you are.

In addition, you can always familiarize with summary examples and learn how people of your occupation present themselves. You will not only learn what to include to your summary but may also notice the elements you will need to avoid, like typos, jargon and so on.

Continue reading to learn more about the main features your resume should consist of and don’t forget to update your profile every 6-12 months.

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LinkedIn Profile Summary

For most of the people, it is very difficult to talk about themselves, especially when it comes to professional success and a chance to be noticed. That is why for many specialists a profile summary becomes a hard task and is always postponed.

If you still don’t know how to write a summary, just open a text file on your computer and start typing. Any profile summary should begin with a sentence or two, which characterizes yourself the most. This can be a professional achievement or a personal characteristic. Just make sure the first paragraph is catchy, as no one will continue reading if you don’t intrigue the target audience properly.

Then you need to write about your work-related experience in a reverse chronological order, describing the main duties you had. There is no need to list everything: just concentrate on the key projects, which relate to the job you are looking for.

Proceed with describing your skills, which will be important for a potential employer. These may be computer programs you know, foreign languages, certificates, internships or awards. Try not to simply enumerate your achievements but explain how they helped you to become who you are.

Close your LinkedIn summary with your interests and aspirations. Explain what makes you a good candidate and why you will contribute to the company. Provide links to your projects, social media accounts or any other pages you find relevant.

In such a way, a hiring manager or other specialists will be able to learn more about you and have a choice how to contact you. Remember, LinkedIn summary is a great way to explain who you are, avoiding brief sentences and common phrases, so you need to work on it thoroughly.

LinkedIn Summary Tips

Every sphere and occupation requires its own approach to the style and content of the resume, although there are still many things, which are common for any LinkedIn summary. They include:

  • Explain why you love what you do. It is very appealing for the hiring manager to see that you enjoy your profession and will be ready to devote much time to it;
  • Always structure your summary. Although it has quite a free form, you can organize your experience and skills to make the text readable and clear. Use white spaces and various formatting elements;
  • Add humor. It doesn’t mean that you have to tell anecdotes but try to insert a relevant joke to make the reading simple and pleasant. No one likes boring summaries;
  • Mention your interests. You will become a part of a team, so your personality is as important, as your experience. Write about the things you like to do, when you are not at work: reading, cycling, collecting Star Wars attributes and so on;
  • If you have any volunteering experience, write a few sentences about it. Everyone loves people, who are ready to devote their time to others;
  • Be precise. No one is willing to waste time on watery texts, so try to make your summary as informative, as possible. Add dates, names and facts. This also concerns in-company achievements, college grades and so on;
  • Provide various ways of contacting you, like a personal email, Facebook account and others. This will mean that you have nothing to hide and are open for communication outside the professional website;
  • Include links to the projects you are proud of. If you are a designer, an engineer or any other specialist with a portfolio, you can share results of your work with potential employers and show what makes you a real professional;
  • Use a conversational and relaxed tone. The whole style of your resume should look as if you were talking to your friend over a cup of tea;
  • Include personal facts but don’t forget that you should concentrate on your work-related experience;
  • Don’t forget about the key words. Employers usually type their requests in the search bars, so you need to be sure that they will find you among the first profiles. Such key words may include the name of your occupation, city or country, programs you master or programming languages you know.

Your LinkedIn summary is limited to 2000 characters and it is more than enough to share your story with the world. Don’t try to enlarge the number of paragraphs artificially, trying to seem more professional. It is better to be brief and informative than to add meaningless sentences.

You should also remember that your summary is your business card, so you need to take your time and proofread it multiple times before publishing. Eliminating all the possible mistakes is crucial if you want to seem professional, as even slightest mistakes and typos may stop the employer from contacting you.

Following these simple tips will surely help you to be noticed among millions of accounts on LinkedIn, to make connections and find the job you are dreaming of.

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