Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy defines some of the key issues when I comes to using your personal data. These issues will let you understand how we use the information provided. Please, note that the given statements are not spread on any other third parties as well as companies, which links can be found on our website. Before you use any link to go to another web resource related to the career and jobs, we recommend keeping in touch a single website’s Terms and Conditions as well as its Privacy Policy.

Collecting and Processing Personal Information

We use a web server that proceed with an automatic registration of your IUP address, domain name, type of browse and other factors as soon as you go to our website. It also tracks the length of users’ sessions as well as all pages they visit. This type of data is never used to retrieve any personal data or identify user’s personality. You only provide personal data in case of placing an order. E require some contacts to keep in touch with our clients in addition to card details or banking accounts.

How We Use Collected Information

As it was mentioned above, our server collects some information for statistics only. We never use your IP address, domain name and other data for any other purposes. All the information we collect is generally used to:

  • Provide quick response to customers’ inquiries;
  • Provide full-scale services in accordance with your needs;
  • Provide professional high-quality support and feedback.

Your information will never be disclosed no matter what happens. Whenever you provide the number of your credit card or any other personal data, it will never go to any third parties. Feel free to keep in touch with our Terms and Conditions section describing all possible issues when it comes to using customers’ information. We recommend reading the section before you place an order.

Cookies Policy

We operate in the same way as any other commercial web resource when it comes to cookies. They are tracked to identify the pages you have visited as well as the length of session. Cookies have nothing in common with retreating any of your personal data. Go to your computer setting section whenever you need to accept cookies or deny them. You should not that neglecting cookies may lead to some inefficient service operations. At the same time, you may have an unlimited access to some of the tools available on the website.

Online Purchasing

Whenever you want to pay for the order, you will need to indicate the number of your credit card. We use innovative and advanced secure server software that will keep you away from any troubles when completing your online transaction at our website.

Privacy Policy Amendments and Changes

The administration of the website is free to make any types of Privacy Policy changes and amendments. Users are obliged to proceed with a regular check of the Privacy Policy section in order to keep in touch with the latest changes.

Contact Our Professional Support Team

We provide all possible means to contact us online in case you require any additional information. Whenever you have any suggestions or claims regarding Privacy Policy or any other issues, feel free to mail us via [email protected].

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